Plan Your Event at White Pine

Host your next event at White Pine!

White Pine can host up to 300 guests in the lodge and many more outside during the summer months.  We can provide lodging, catering, planning and hosting of most types of events.  Just give us a call at 307-367-6606 or shoot us an e-mail at


Getting hitched?  Well White Pine can help you and your guests celebrate.  We’ve got accommodations for you and your guests, a lodge to celebrate, and a kitchen to fix your favorite meals.  We can even give you and your guests a ride on the lifts for a special ceremony at the top of the mountain.


Whether you are celebrating someone’s retirement, birthday, or anniversary, White Pine can help.  We can blow up a few balloons and cook up a few pizzas for your kid’s birthday party.  Or if your boss is finally retiring, our bar is fully stocked and ready to help you celebrate.

Corporate Events

If you are one of those corporate types, we have a meeting room with a projector so you can show off your awesome Power Points skills.  Our staff will cater your water, tea, cookies, sandwiches, to keep that brain working and the conversation flowing.